A journey through song, live music and Afro-Cuban dance merged with middle eastern elements. The distinction between 'foreign' and 'Danish' culture the trickster is in constant motion - between pain, empathy, optimism and euphoria.

With "Trickster - made you look", the Cuban dancer Aline Sánchez Rodriguez and the Iranian singer Samara Bahrami challenge each other, their accompanying musicians and the audience in a composition of music, movement, drama and improvisation.

With an identity born in distant parts of the world and then shaped by a life in Denmark, the two initiators and performers have put together a unique perspective on the current and immediate world surrounding us. With a foot in each camp of 'foreign' and 'danish' culture, and in a society with polarized attitudes and divided national feelings, they have together and individually experienced the encounter and collision with Denmark and the Danes. These life experiences and perspectives meet and challenge the audience's own perspectives and lead a self-examination through a mirror of contradictions, challenges, pain, empathy, optimism and joy. Thus, cultural relationships, rituals and restrictions are reflected and explored through an idea of 'us' and 'the others'.

Co-produced by Bora Bora - dance and visual theater.

Presented during Aarhus Festuge / Festival Week.

Please note: No performances Thursday, August 30th. And two performances Saturday, September 1st.