"Ultima" is a solo and ensemble work that unfolds a specific artistic expression of authentic power and fragility tied into older bodies, minds and senses. The performance is performed by a large group of people all over 60 years. "Ultima" is the second work of the trilogy of the theme of aging, and takes into account the meaning of the Latin word Ultima and focuses on aspects of human existence.

The Latin word ultima means: last, most and most (to the greatest extent)

With the trilogy, Nønne Mai Svalholm creates performances with seniors, who express her visions on stage in a professional set-up. Svalholm is absorbed by the experiences of the elderly, which she experiences is a very rich material and contributes to the performing arts. The most important work of training the contributors is to get them to master a strong presence, focus and empathy on the stage - a very big task that requires hard work and a long time.

In 2016, the first work, "Circuit - A Reflection of Aging", premiered with 25 seniors on stage. The show has since been on tour to both Copenhagen and Ringkøbing.

Svalholm has an interdisciplinary collaboration with Sundhed & Omsorg (Health & Care), Aarhus Municipality, about the work with the elderly. The performances are part of the European Cultural City Aarhus 2017 programme.

No performances Saturday and Sunday.