Through live music, physical images, documentary stories and objects brought to life, artists from Scandinavia, ex-Yugoslavia and England take you on a journey through European utopias on a quest for dreams and cracks of hope for the future.

What consequences does it have for a person's identity that the utopia that you took for granted ceases to exist and you suddenly are without a country?
Can we live without faith in the future and the power of change which utopian projects offer?
What happens when the utopian dream meets reality?
What types of utopias and communities are possible and desirable today?

Praktical information

The audience alternates between moving around in the stage room and sitting on chairs close to the performers. There are therefore only 50 tickets for each performance. On stage the languages spoken are Danish, Swedish and English.

The performance is a world premiere and at prestent time the exact duration is not known.

Please note the different playing times (16.00 / 18:00 / 19:30)

About Aber Dabei

Aber Dabei is an artistic stage platform that works with documentarism, visuality and music - and often with the involvement of the audience in the finished work. Aber Dabei seeks out forms where the physically sensing body, the personal narrative and the political and social superstructure meet. Aber Dabei is headed by director Petra Berg and scenographer Igor Vasiljev and collaborates internationally and intercultural with a collective creative focus.

Previous productions:
"On The Way" (2015) - site specific at Nørrebro in Copenhagen. A binaural hiking performance based on interviews with Afro-Danish girls. The performance received the award as Special Performance of the Year by CPH Culture.
"Departure 04.00" (2017) - site specific at Helsingør railway station. An audio / music, light and voice installation, which was based on the deportation of 175 Danish Jews from Helsingør railway station in 1943. Based on documentary sources with new written composition music.