Bora Bora will according to government guidelines, close the theatre from today March 12th and until March 29th for now. 

This means that the performances of ”Some Hope for the Bastards” on March 12th og 13th and "V.O.M.P."  the 24th – 26th of March are all cancelled.

If you have bought tickets for one of these performances, the amount paid will be reimbursed to the account used at the time of purchase. We don't yet know the time frame for this. 

Please note: Artist talk with choreographer Gunilla Lind after the performance on March 25th.

Fitter, stronger, tighter and more beautiful...
Now, now, now… NOW!!

The performance "Vanity Of Modern Panic - V.O.M.P." holds a mirror to our beauty-worshipping society's botox-stiffened face. How far are you willing to go in order to keep your body younger than what is written on your birth certificate?

V.O.M.P. comments on our constant fear of getting older, the fear of being marked as outdated, useless and “down coming” one day. The performance asks why we are busy focusing so much on being young, healthy and fit that we have forgotten to appreciate old age as a natural and rewarding phase of our lives? V.O.M.P. illustrates how deep and caught we are in the consumer society. A Society where everybody is obsessed with making the most of it: We we want it ALL and we want it NOW!

Make yourself ready for a silicone pumped dance performance about our hunt for the perfect body. A body proportion twisted comedy about the longing for breasts, thighs and buttocks that would make Kim Kardashian turn pale in jealousy. And a grotesque greeting to the Baroque era's powdered wigs and delicate soap bubbles in a unique mix of modern dance and physical theatre.

In 2018 choreographer Gunilla Lind received a Reumert Talent Award for this performance.

Age group: From 12 years and up.

About Gunilla Lind Danseteater

Gunilla Lind Dance Theatre is a Copenhagen based dance company led by choreographer and artistic director Gunilla Lind. With her playful performances Gunilla Lind presents a unique mix of contemporary dance and physical theatre. Always with food for thought and a humoristic touch leaving the audience somewhat puzzled and curious.

Consistent interests in Gunilla Linds choreographic work are identity projects, group dynamics, gender roles, self-promotion through social media and body image. Gunilla Lind puts a mirror up to society and through quirky characters, odd movements and surprising effects she turns every day tendencies upside down. Through unusual costumes Gunilla Lind de-humanizes the performers in order to challenge the way we perceive other human beings and the way we look at ourselves.