How to stay yourself when you meet the Other? Francesca Foscarini and Andrea Costanzo Martini explore the tension between what divides and what unites in their search for a possible Us. Fuelled with energy by Andrea Cera's music and featuring a succession of playful solos and joint movements, this exhilarating duet will leave you breathless.


Francesca Foscarini is an Italian dancer and choreographer.

Her career has been marked by encounters with important masters of the national and international dance scene (including Yasmeen Godder, Sara Wiktorowicz, Iris Erez, Emio Greco, Roberto Castello) with whom she has had the opportunity to research the different languages of contemporary dance and improvisation.

Her research focuses on the relation between physicality and states of mind, and she is particularly interested in exploring the presence of the performer on stage in relation with the audience. Her works include Cantando sulle ossa (Selected by Aerowaves 2011; Best solo MASDANZA 2012; Presented in Avignon Off 2014), Grandmother (Equilibrio Award Roma 2013 Performer), Gut Gift (by Yasmeen Godder, 2014). She won i the Positano Prize as Dancer of the Year on the Contemporary Scene in 2015.

The last creations are Vocazione all'Asimmetria (2016, selected by Aerowaves Twenty17) and Good Lack (2016), a triptych of solos composed by Back Pack (presented at Biennale Danza Venezia 2106) John Tube and Let's Sky. Since 2012 she has worked as a dancer with Alessandro Sciarroni in the piece Folk-s.