Important information: The performance on Wednesday February 28th is cancelled.
There are no changes to the two other performance days
. They will continue as planned.

It's about the dancer. It’s about you. It's about us. It's about formulating questions and searching for multiple answers. It's about reformulating what we already sense is there. It's about movement and why we do what we do. It's about process. It is about multiple results and articulations. It's about this and that. It's about We Are Dancers.

Welcome to three evenings of (inter)play, movement, words, sounds and thoughts.

During a two-year long, disseminated process, Fanclub has collected a wide range of materials related to the dancer as figure. Through articulation, renaming and "re-membering", the material is used to explore different ways of perceiving and relating to society. How can the dancer inspire to alternative perspectives, approaches and synergies - on and off stage?

At Bora Bora the last of a long line of results from previous We Are Dancers events are presented. Material which through the years have gone through many varied expressions and shapes in their meeting with an audience - among other things as an auditory journey, a performance lecture, a concert, and a series of open dance workshops. In this way, Fanclub's ambition is to expand the idea of ​​the performance as a situation, as well as the performer's relation to the viewer.

Come and (re)experience the dancer, the performance as form, as well as your own position as audience, as Fanclub invites you to take part of their in-depth reflection, where you will have the opportunity to influence your own experience.

During 2016-17 different WAD-results has been presented at the opening of ICE HOT in Copenhagen, at DANSEatelier, Koncertkirken ℅ Dansehallerne, Laboratoriescenen, Dansstationen’s Plattform and Creative Lenses in Malmö, as well as during residencies at KORDA Art in Motion in Sweden, Human Future Dance Corps in France and Laboratoriescenen of Dansehallerne in Copenhagen.

Duration: 2 hours including intermission.

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About Fanclub

Fanclub (DK/SE/NO) is a Copenhagen based dancers’ collective, consisting of Andrea Deres, Carolina Bäckman, Ellesiv V. Selseng and Sofia Karlsson. In 2010 they got together with a wish to explore new working formats within the dance arts. As a collective they are in ongoing development, initiating collaborations with artists from various genres with an aim to challenge the art form, as well as their role as dancers and self-producing artists. Fanclub’s work range from bigger and smaller stage productions, video art, events, concerts, sharing structures and writing rituals. ‘GONE HOME’ was awarded by the Danish Arts Foundation in 2012 and ‘DEATH’ toured the Nordic countries in 2014.