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Ticket info:
October 7th: Performance (regular ticket prices)
October 8th: Performance + Talk by Peter Vuust (in Danish / Oct. 5th) (only one ticket price: 250 DKK)

A performance where the audience are direct co-creators to the choreography live onstage.

"We Are Present" is an "instant choreography" and at the same time both a lecture and a performance. It invites the audience inside the creative process of a dance piece where their input is used by the choreografpher and two dancers as part of the performance.
In this 90-minute event the audience will gain insight into a choreographer's mind, into the dancers' way of working and will acquire technical knowledge that they can bring with them to future dance performances they may attend.

The audience will be asked to take precise decisions that will influence the choreographer's creativity who will instantaneously have to react to the external stimuli and limitations, by trusting and developing his instincts, opposed to his rational side. The dancers will be challenged to pick up information as fast as possible, elaborate and deliver at a performance level.
The event has a precise structure that will help the audience enter the event feeling progressively involved. And by the end of the performance those who want to will become performers as well.