World premiere!

"WoMAN & WOMAN" are two new solo works presented as a double program. Side by side they blend performance, physical theatre and dance into a wild and visual experience. The performances are created in collaboration with two contrasting performers. Both works are based on the subject of femininity.

"WoMAN" is a transformative solo created and performed by Andreas Constantinou. This poetic work uses a rich visual language to invoke a lucid landscape of feminine architypes. From the virgin to the crone, between animal and human, images unfold as the performer morphs inside an intimate setting of petals and grass.  Set to an original music score and created in collaboration with the dutch composer Marlou Vriens, the music fills the theatre with ghostly echoes that shift between divine choir-like melodies and atmospheric soundscapes. "WoMAN" is a  visually powerful solo work that sees one male performer embark on a quest to find his own feminine self.

"WOMAN" is an uncompromising solo and a personal response to the question "what does femininity mean to you?", posed to the performer Danni Mariblanca. Full of fire, resistence and hope, "WOMAN" sees one person's relationship to socially perceived femininity come to life. Deeply personal and playful, this solo challenges expectations of the feminine universe in a search for individual and authentic gender expression.

Back to back these two new solos’ serve as a platform for displaying two different perspectives and relationships to the feminine. Bluring the lines between what we socially perceive as femininity and toying with the binary gender systems.

Since 2013 Himherandit Productions have produced four performances on topics around masculinity under the umbrella name The GENDERhouse projects 2013-2018 and for this coming production focus is shifted to subjects of femininity and woman.

The performance's second solo "WOMAN" will be performed by two different performers depending on the day you attend: Danni Mariblanca (September 26, 27 & 30) og Alice Tatge (September 28 & 29).

Co-produced by Bora Bora.

Supported by
Statens Kunstfond, Aarhus Kommune, Offtrack 2017, Bikubenfonden, Danseværket and Teatri di Vita

Please note! In relation to "WoMAN & WOMAN" ten young people have created the exhibition "Talking Genders", which you can see before every performance - from 18:00. Entrance to the exhibition is free.


About HimHerAndIt Productions

Andreas Constantinou is a choreographer, singer/songwriter and visual artist. In early 2003 he initiated Himherandit Productions.

He has performed and presented his performance art and music works in theatres, galleries, bars and festivals through out Europe and Asia since 2004. At venues such as The South Bank, Bonnie Bird Theatre, Robin Howard Dance Theater, Archauz and the Donau festival in Austria.

In April 2015 HimHerAndIt produced the double performance "ReDoing GENDER" and "The WOMANHouse" at Bora Bora. The former has since toured the world, including several festivals, and the latter was chosen to be among AerowavesTwenty in 2016 - twenty performances by promising companies chosen by the Aerowaves network of more than 50 European dance houses.

Graduated from Europe’s leading contemporary dance conservatoire Laban in 2003 he has since worked and collaborated with some of Europe's leading artists such as Kitt Johnsons' X-ACT, PunchDrunkTheatricalExperiences, Athina Vahla, CandoCo Dance Company and Uniform.


About The GENDERhouse Projects 2013-2018

Since 2013 HimHerAndIt Productions have been carrying out a six-year performance project titled The GENDERhouse projects. The GENDERhouse is a series of performances and community programs based around different topics of gender in today’s society. Each of the GENDERhouse projects have been designed to develop cultural investigation through performance based activities where reflection and thought provocation on current gender debates takes focus.

The projects have been constructed in such a way that they each address a developing theme from different perspectives. Each project dives into unique and fresh ways of addressing topics around genders, sexualities and identities.

Overview of The GENDERhouse Projects 2013-2018:

  • The MANhouse (2013)
  • ReDoing GENDER 1.0 (2014)
  • The WOMANhouse (2015)
  • ReDoing GENDER 1.5 (2015)
  • WoMAN & WOMAN (2016)
  • G.A.R.D.E.N – (2017)
  • The GENDERhouse Retrospective (2018)

The GENDERhouse community projects 2016-2017:

  • Talking GENDERS – Youth Project (2016)
  • Talking GENDERS – Mature to Senior Project (2017)