An uncompromising solo by trans performer Daniel Mariblanca, "WOMAN" is an authentic response to the question, “what does femininity mean to you?” Full of fire, resistance and hope, "WOMAN" explores the relationship of a trans man to femininity as it is presented by society. Daring and playful, this solo crosses boundaries and challenges stereotypes.


Andreas Constantinou is a choreographer, director and performance/live artist. He has performed and presented his performances in theatres, galleries and festivals throughout Europe and Asia since 2003.

He initially trained as a dancer and performance artist at Trinity Laban Conservatoire, London. Since graduating in 2003, Andreas has worked and collaborated with companies and artists such as Kitt Johnsons X-act, PunchDrunk Theatrical Experiences, Athina Vahla in collaboration with CandoCo Dance Company, and Uniform.

In early 2003, Andreas established They have presented a wide range of dance-theatre and site-specific performance installations throughout Europe.

Andreas was the Head of Contemporary Dance Division at Klassiski Listdansskolinn, Reykjavik, Iceland from 2006 – 2009, and has taught at Laban, The Place and Iceland's Academy of the arts. He was the Head of Dance at Performers House, Denmark between 2010-2013.

HIMHERANDIT productions are currently based in Aarhus, Denmark where they are in-house artists at Bora Bora – Dance and Visual Theatre.