The performance is presented at Bora Bora as part of an Italian double bill together with the performance "Kokoro". The ticket is valid for both performances.

"WRECK - List of extinct species" is a choreographic performance that mixes movement, sound and visual art. A huge, black and pillow-like sculpture inflated with air moves in the space. Like a hunter. A powerful, abstract object that swallows human beings and spits them out again. As a legendary undersea Leviathan or perhaps a metaphor for capitalism.
The lifeless and synthetic moves while the human is inanimate. You stand naked in front of the big, incomprehensible darkness. It's bigger than you. Makes you want to scream. Your brain can not coprehend facing the tragedy. Nevertheless, you are drawn to the darkness without knowing why.

We need to be naked when faced with the essential questions. Why are we here? How are we here? Should we be together?

Pietro Marulla is the choreographer behind this performance featuring six naked dancers. "WRECK - List of extinct species" was selected by the European network of dance theatres, Aerowaves, as one of the 20 best new talents to be presented around Europe in 2018.

The performance contains nudity.