What could be so important that you haven’t got to call me back for three days? What’s the thing that you can’t stop for 5 minutes? You just cannot disappear like this! Nobody can disappear in such a way!

This enthralling and whimsical duet uses dances created from everyday situations and extraordinarily performed by Emese Cuhorka and László Fülöp.


László Fülöp
László completed his studies at the Budapest Contemporary Dance School in 2010 and since then has worked with numerous Hungarian and international dance makers.

László’s main interest is in the exploration of all forms of human social behaviour and communication issues, from all possible aspects, in their integrity, without prejudices: in a simple and personal way.

In 2016 he created his new piece for six dancers, titled ‘Waiting for Schrödinger’.

Emese Cuhorka
Emese completed her studies as contemporary dancer and performer at the Budapest Contemporary Dance School in 2011.

She has been a member of HODWORKS for eight years, works with Csaba Molnár and The Symptoms. Her secret improvisation games as a child has determined her freedom in her artistic work.