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Keðja 2012-2015

The keðja project 2012-2015 was the vastest meeting platform for dance artists, educators, producers, scholars, academics and artists from other sectors to meet and discuss important issues within the contemporary dance field in the Nordic/Baltic region.

Over the past 4 years, keðja’s activities have taken place in 8 countries. These included 3 Encounters partner meetings, 3 huge collaborative projects (Wilderness Dance, Mentoring Scheme, and Reading Dance – Writing Dance) as well as a number of Think Tanks.

Wilderness dance

Bora Bora was one of the five partners in the keðja 2012-2015 project, Wilderness Dance, which sent 10 Nordic/Baltic dance companies on two residencies each in the wildest parts of the region to visit, work, produce and be inspired by the local environment. Discover photos, videos and diaries from the traveling groups at the Wilderness blog.

In January 2014, the project’s third residency took place in Denmark at Vestjyllands Højskole in Ringkøbing, and the last residency in Denmark was in March and April 2014, when a Finnish company visited Musik- og Teaterhøjskolen in Toftlund.

All 10 productions were presented at the last keðja encounter in Mariehamn.


Anatomy of Dance

The company Anatomy of Dance visited Toftlund Højskole in September 2013 as the first group in Denmark during the Wilderness project.

Logoer til web Wilderness kedja

The project is supported by the Culture Programme of the European Union, Norden – Nordic Culture Point and the Nordic Culture Fund, The Danish Arts Council’s DIVA-programme, Den Ingwersenske Fond and Danmarks Nationalbanks Jubilæumsfond.

SAMARA – Performing arts on tour in Northern Europe and the Baltic countries

SAMARA is a Baltic-Nordic-European contemporary performing arts network established by eight internationally active performing art organisations:

Kanuti Gildi SAAL (Estonia)
Baltic Circle / Q-teatteri (Finland)
Lokal Festival (Iceland)
MDT (Sweden)
Black Box (Norway)
Kampnagel (Germany)
Nordwind Festival (Germany)
Bora Bora (Denmark)

Performing arts organizations in Nordic and Baltic countries joined forces with their European colleagues to facilitate a place for dialogue, networking and long-lasting collaboration. The aim of the network was to create new opportunities for emerging artists from Nordic and Baltic countries for co-producing and touring new works. Samara is a type of fruit with a flattened wing around the seed. The shape of a Samara enables the wind to carry the seed further away than regular seeds from the parent tree. The aim of this network was to assist artists and arts practitioners in developing an extra set of wings.

The performance duo Chuck Morris created the performance piece FEMININE FUN STUDIES, which was selected as Bora Bora’s contribution within the SAMARA network. The piece was about women, humor and vulnerability, and was co-produced by Theaterhaus Gessnerallee, Südpol, Sophiensaele and Café Teatret.

Supported by KK Nord – Nordic Culture Point.


DNA – Development of New Art / EAST GATE EUROPE FESTIVAL

Bora Bora (and before 2011 Entré Scenen) was the Danish partner in the EU-funded project DNA – Development of New Art. The project was carried out in two parts: first as a pilot project in 2009-2010, and then as an EU-project in 2011-2013.

The project and the network behind it created many opportunities for artists from the participating countries as we hosted a series of festivals, residencies and workshops. The largest Danish activities were the co-production of the Palle Granhøj-performance, MEN&MAHLER (the 2013 winner of the Reumert award for best dance performance), and the coordination of two festivals in 2010 and 2013 called EAST GATE EUROPE.

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2012 was the last time that Bora Bora/Entré Scenen hosted the JUNGE HUNDE FESTIVAL. The festivals were very successful and we were thrilled to host them and be able to present interesting, innovative, provocative and fascinating new performing arts pieces throughout the years. Find more information about the JUNGE HUNDE FESTIVALS through the links below.

More information about the JUNGE HUNDE FESTIVAL

The Story of JUNGE HUNDE

Programmer fra JUNGE HUNDE i Danmark 2001-2012


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