How to apply for an opportunity with us

Bora Bora Residency Centre welcomes proposals once a year through our open call. The programme is open to professional dance artists for projects to be researched and/or developed. The residencies are open to professional dance artists or dance ensembles or stage directors with a strong choreographic idea from all over the world. Each residency will be a 2-3 week residency. In addition, it is possible for Danish or Danish-based artists to apply for consideration for our international residency programmes, which are based on exchanges with our Residency Centre partners (read more about them here). Danish or Danish-based artists can also apply for a co-production, which you can read more about at the bottom of this page.


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The application form will open on December 1st 2020

It is only possible to apply for residencies and other opportunities with Bora Bora Residency Centre through our application form based on open calls.
Before applying, we recommend that you have a look through our FAQ here, where we answer some of the most common questions about the residency centre.

Residencies may be for the following purpose(s)
– Early developing and exploration of an artistic idea
– Explore a completely new direction of your artistic work to change direction of your career as an artist

By submitting an application you agree to letting Bora Bora Residency Centre keep and store the information you provide in this application for the purpose of contacting you regarding Bora Bora residencies and other opportunities with us, our jury and/or any of our partners listed on our website.

Details for applicants

Bora Bora Residency Centre selects the residents through a focus on artistic quality, depth and innovation. We also welcome artists who want to interact with the host (partner venues or folk high schools) and the local audiences. We will prioritize research residencies at this time.

We customize each residency after an analytic dialogue to explore your artistic focus in the residency and secure that the residency design supports this focus.

If selected Bora Bora Residency Centre will provide
– 2-3 weeks studio time with one of our Danish co-hosts/partners
– Travel covered for up to 4 artists/collaborators
– Accommodation provided for up to 4 artists/collaborators
– A fee of 875 euro per week per artist for up to 4 artists
– Communication services as part of the Bora Bora Community with online artists database, listing in newsletter and follow up listings about future residencies, co-production and premieres in the years to come

If required, we can also provide
– Feedback from in house dramaturgs
– Feedback from external mentor/outside eye
– In house tech support
– Cooperation with external partners within the field of new technology, education, research and outreach

As a resident at Bora Bora Residency Centre we request you to

– Interact with the local community or audience through some sort of encounter (this can be a sharing or talk about your work, workshops etc.)
– Contribute with info on your work for our website and newsletter
– Include the Bora Bora Residency Centre on all future publicity materials relating to the work resulting from your residency
– Give feedback to us on the process of your residency

Please note that it is important to us, that you’ve given some thought into how an encounter of any kind, can both contribute to your project, the recipients and to the Residency Centre. The purpose of these encounters are to open up the process to both us, the host venue and the participants. Furthermore, it is a way of sharing knowledge. Thus we will be looking at how you integrate the opportunity of encounters with local communities (dancers or audiences etc.) in your application.

Criteria for selection

Applicants should demonstrate
– An artistic idea that is daring and relevant here and now
– A cv demonstrating your track record in making and presenting dance work
– An understanding of how the residency will enhance your artistic development
– An interest in a long lasting relation with Bora Bora and partners

Information about co-production

With the support of the Bikuben Foundation, Bora Bora offers one annual co-production in seasons 2019-2021. 

Through a co-production we are providing a Danish artist with the opportunity of more ease of mind by extending the production period and strengthening the relevant artistic competencies within the production. Bora Bora will be an active partner in the production and work with our international networks as a platform for distribution and connection to even more partners for the project.

The co-production is granted a total amount of 500,000 DKK 

The co-production cover support of up to 370,000 DKK – including:

– Production support for e.g. design and artistic fees as well as production of costumes/set etc.
– Transport/accommodation

The co-production furthermore covers support of up to 130,000 DKK – including:

– Support from Bora Bora. This could be assistance with production planning, dramaturg, studiospaces, technicians/technical equpment, marketing, administration and sales.
– Performances at Bora Bora.
– Assistance in touring possibilities and pitching of performance at conferences and to international networks.

The exact structure, economical circumstances and timeframe of the co-production, will be negotiated between Bora Bora and the chosen artist/group.  

The artist/group will be chosen by the international jury, among the Danish based applicants for Bora Bora Residency Centre.
We advise applicants to consider how the residency can be spent as a research opportunity in connection with the co-production, however this is not a requirement.

To be considered applicant must:
– be living in Denmark at time of application
– be able to document professional experience/education – CV
– Describe an original idea with a high level of artistic quality
– present an estimated productionbudget including all funding of the production.

Please note that the budget is an estimate and does not have to be formatted in a certain way in order to be accepted. It is important for the jury to get an idea of how you view the project economically and how you would prioritize the resources available. Make sure to include both the value of the co-production as well as other external funding, including other residencies and studio time elsewhere. Everything that ties to the project you’re applying with, should be included.
If you have any questions regarding the application for a co-production, please feel free to contact us.

How to apply:

The selection is based on artistic curation by the jury consisting of two judges and Jesper de Neergaard (artistic director of Bora Bora in Denmark).

The application form is accessible from December 1st 2020 to January 8th 2021 Danish time.

The next deadline for applications is January 8th 2021 Danish time.

For questions please write us at [email protected]

Read more about our residency centre here:

See the complete list of partners and hosts here.

If you still didn’t find all the information you need about the residency centre, feel free to have a look through our FAQ here, where we have answered some of the more frequent questions about the residency centre.




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