What do you get, if you put a female singer and eight male dancers from various countries together for eight weeks, and everyday deconstruct the work they create? Choreographer Palle Granhøj is internationally acknowledged for his ability to create a form by constant obstruction of his dancer’s expressions. This method enables him to find the unexpected and unforeseen.

In MEN&MAHLER the focus is on the raw power of masculinity. Mahlers sorrowful and poetic music becomes a counterpoint  to the male bonding and masculine playfulness, when eight virile and powerful bodies, strapped out in rubber ropes, crowding together on EUR pallet and performing masculine archetypal rituals. Meanwhile the singer with a Attenboroughish soberness observes the game/fight and lets her soul embrace the heartbreaking and grandiloquent song.

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Duration: 60 minutes

A performance by Palle Granhøj, created in close cooperation with the performers: Bill Eldridge, László Fülöp, Áron Darabont Leon, Tomasz Ciesielski, Mikolaj Karczewski, Tomás Danielis, Aureliusz Rys, Petras Lisauskas and Dorte Petersen.
Assistants: Johan Ohlsson/Bill Eldridge.
Music: Gustav Mahler.
Co-producers: DNA – Development of New Art, New Web and Bora Bora.