What languages do you accept in the application?

As we are an international residency centre with aims of a changing rota of jury members, we only accept applications in English.

Can I send multiple applications for several different projects?

Yes. You are very welcome to apply with more than one project, as long as they each have their own application.

I don’t have video/what kind of video should I add?

We do need some video material in order to get an idea of who you are/what you’ve created before. We welcom full length performances, rehearsal and process videos of almost any quality. It’s ok if you only have a work in progress video recorded on a cellphone. Trailers and promotional videos aren’t as useful to us.

Please make sure to include passwords if necessary when using youtube, vimeo etc.

I forgot to add CV/videos/other, what should I do?

You will not be able to access your application, once it has been sent. If you forgot to include important material in your application, please send it to us in pdf. form, clearly marked with the full name of the applicant as well as the e-mail from which the original application was sent. We will then add it to your application manually. You must send it by the deadline, to residency (at)

If it is after the deadline, you may send updated or extra information to us, but we cannot promise that it will be included in your application.

Can I apply through e-mail to a member of staff at Bora Bora?

No, you cannot. The only way to apply for a residency with the residency centre, is through the application form when it is online.

I have some extra material that I would like to send after the deadline, is that possible?

You can always send us extra material, video of your work etc. but we cannot guarantee that the jury will consider it, once the selection process begins. So make sure your application contains all the material you want us to look at.

Can you provide feedback on my application?

Unfortunately we do not have the adequate ressources to provide feedback on applications. We do however, advise you to always read the terms and FAQs before applying, as well as applying in good time before the deadline, and being precise in your application.

Artistic area & participants

Can we apply as a collective?

Whether you are a collective, a group or a duo of creators, it is definitely possible to apply together with a project. If that’s the case, please make sure to state it clearly in your project description.

You will find that one of you has to be the main applicant. This is for administrative purposes only.

Can I apply if I am an artist/actor with an idea that is sort of choreographic?

Yes, you are welcome to apply but you will need to show us in your application how it is relevant within the frame of the residency program and the choreographic element needs to be strongly represented

Can I apply if I am a movie/screen director with a choreographic point of view?

Yes, you are welcome to apply but you will need to show us in your application how it is relevant within the frame of the residency program and the choreographic element needs to be strongly represented.

Can I apply with a piece that just needs rehearsal space and time?

We encourage you to use this residency opportunity to explore new works and work with/gather inspiration for a new direction, new method, new technology or different approaches to working. This should not be considered a production residency for already finished pieces, but as a space where you can cultivate your ideas. You are however welcome to apply within any stage of your process.

I don’t know who the participants will be yet, can I still apply?

Yes of course. If you know that you will need a few dancers or a videographer/technician/set designer etc. but don’t know anyone yet or you are not sure who will be available, then please just write it in your application. We are happy to help you with finding new and interesting people to work with, if needed.

I don’t know who my mentor will be, is that a problem?

It’s no problem at all. Part of the residency program is to help you uncover what and who you need in your project. You might have a clear idea of who might be your mentor, but even if you don’t, then you might have some thoughts on what area of expertise the mentor could have. The team at Bora Bora can help you find a suitable mentor for you and the project, if your application is successful.


Can I apply for a co-production if I am not Danish but based in Denmark?

Yes, you can. The co-production is supported by the Bikuben Foundation and supports Danish as well as Danish based artists – meaning that you have to either be a Danish citizen or have a permanent address in Denmark.


Details on the fees

Here you can find more information about the residency, including fees, travel and accommodation arrangements.

Will you cover my/our travel expenses?

Bora Bora Residency Centre covers the fees, travel costs and accommodation for up to four participating artists in each residency – so yes, we do indeed cover your travel expenses.

How many artists/dancers can we bring?

The residency centre provides support for up to four artists, including yourself, in a residency. You are welcome to raise additional funding and arrange your own accommodation and travel, to be able to bring more artists.


When is the next deadline?

See this page, for information on the next open call and deadlines for applying. Note that the deadline will follow the GMT+1 time zone (Copenhagen)

I missed the deadline by seconds/minutes/hours/days, can I still apply?

No, unfortunately we do not have the capacity to go through late applications, as the selection process will take place immediately after the deadline.


What is the role of the mentor?

The mentor is meant to be an “outside eye” type collaborator and can be used as a source of inspiration, challenge, expert knowledge or something entirely different. They do not necessarily have to be a ‘mentor’ in a mentor/mentee sense and it is not meant to be a teacher. The ‘mentor’ can be a specific person, an organization or a group of people etc. and is thus not limited to one certain type of person.

Is the mentor a part of the four people covered by the residency?

No, the mentor is an add-on, who will be invited into the process to help/challenge/inform you. The residency centre covers accommodation, travel and a small fee for the mentor role as an extra opportunity of bringing someone in.

Will the mentor be there during the whole residency?

As a general guideline, no they will not. The thought of having a mentor in this residency is to use them as an outside-eye and only for a couple of hours/days depending on the persons area of expertise.

Do we have to have a mentor to be eligible for a residency?

No, you do not need to have a mentor already or have one at all. However, we strongly encourage you to think of ways in which you can use this opportunity to challenge yourself and how it can benefit your research and/or process.

Hosts & Partners

Where will the residency take place?

If you have applied for and are granted one of our residencies, you can expect to stay with one of our regional Danish partners, who will host you for the duration of your residency. In some instances we also host residencies at Bora Bora, but we cannot guarantee anything.

What is a “Folk High School” or “Højskole” ?

A “Folk High School” or “Højskole” is a boarding school for typically 18-30 year olds, who want to spend 4-12 months exploring a certain theme or subject. There are no exams and it’s usually very free spirited and more about learning about life and other people, through subjects such as photography, sports activities, contemporary dance, arts and crafts, sustainable eco-farming and a myriad of other things. Read more about the partner Højskoler at our Hosts & Partners page.

Where can I see the technical specifications for each venue?

You can find information about the venues on their respective websites. We will not be able to promise access to certain rooms or stages, as your residency will depend on the general availability of the venues and co-hosts. If you state your technical needs in the application, this will be taken under consideration, when finding the right host for you, should you be picked for a residency.

Can we select where we would like to go among the Bora Bora Residency Centre partners & hosts?

You can always make a request if you wish to stay somewhere specific, but all residencies will be subject to availability and will be matched with the co-host we, in dialogue with you, think will be most beneficial to you and your project.

Can we select where we would like to do the residency among the international partner venues?

The exchanges with our international partners will happen as bilateral exchanges between artists based in Denmark and artists based in the partner country. The artists for these exchanges will be curated in a dialogue between the partners. So for example as a Belgian artist you can apply for a residency in the open call for a residency in Denmark, not in the partner countries.

What is cross-sectorial partners and how can I use them in a residency?

Our cross-sectorial partners are local businesses and organizations, working within different fields but somehow with an interest in or connection to performing arts or creative processes at some level. It’s an option for residency participants, to connect with these partners to exchange knowledge, ideas and experience that might enhance your work, during a residency.


I didn’t find what I was looking for, where can I ask my questions?

If you didn’t find the information you needed either through the rest of our website or here, you are more than welcome to send us an email at [email protected] where we will get back to you as soon as we can. The response time just before a residency deadline will probably be a bit slower, but we reply to everyone.