A physical story about how it is done.

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Don & Gnu have travelled far and wide in their closets. They have created frameworks and jumped out through them. Stacked closets and apples, and met a woman to whom they have created space in their performance “Walking with wardrobes”

Just like that the two men are now ready to tell the woman how it is done. Following their performance “Men in Sandals”, “Walking with wardrobes” is a performance that takes place in a challenging physical language with a sensuality that supports the subtle and creates a communication containing paradoxical contradictions.

The performance’s focal point is to question what we take for granted. Break it and turn it upside down. Relationships between humans and our expectations to them are subjected to an investigative approach, which physically will relate completely to how we actually touch each other as human beings. Physically as well as emotionally.

The performance is inspired by the American psychologist Jerome Bruner, who says that man’s identity lies in its actions and the context, it enters into.
With the performance “Walking with wardrobes” Don* Gnu break with the usual stage experience and create a springboard for a new and liberating experience, with heart rate, body and senses.

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Idea & director: Don & Gnu

Performance & choreography: Don & Gnu

Music & Performance: Rune Kaagaard og Alice Carreri

Video & digital media: Christoffer Brekne

Scenography: Siggi Palmason

Dramaturgical consultant & PR: Betina Rex

Process, development and PR: Kulturmetroen by Thea Vesti Pedersen

Light: PC

Coproduction: Bora Bora

Coproduction: Kulturmetroen