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The Gender House Festival

Velkommen til to ugers festivalprogram spækket med værker, der udfordrer det heteronormative og giver plads til queer art, queer fortællinger og queer stemmer i direkte dialog med samtiden. Ensomhed, liv, død, intimitet, sex og magt er blot nogle af de emner, der berøres i dette stærke, skæve, underholdende og udfordrende festivalprogram.

24. sept. 2021 - 9. okt. 2021
Kr. 100 - Kr. 100

Hilsen fra festivallederen

The GENDERHOUSE Queer Arts Festival is back and roaring to go!
In 2018 the first edition of The GENDERHOUSE Queer Arts Festival took place across Aarhus city, saturating theatres, museums and cultural houses with queer performances, exhibitions and events. The festival spanned an entire month and became the FIRST EVER Queer Arts Festival to join some of the city’s leading cultural venues in a mission to collectively present a program of Queer art.
Since then, a lot has changed in the world. Covid19 and the global pandemic has altered social realities. With this in mind The GENDERHOUSE Queer Arts Festival is coming out of hibernation, out of its deep sleep, out of its lockdown and opens its arms to the world with a program of artworks and performances that respond to the now. Loneliness, life, death, intimacy, sex, power and otherness are just some of the themes expressed in this year’s rich and vibrant program.
We join forces with Bora Bora – dans og visuelt teater, Køn, Godsbanen, Åbne Scene, and Dokk1 to present an exciting two-week program by international, national and local queer artists.
We also PROUDLY INTRODUCE AND OPEN THE: HIMHERANDIT – QUEER ARTS STUDIOS AARHUS. The new studio, office and atelier that both house HIMHERANDIT Productions and are dedicated to support the development of queer artists and queer arts in the city, nationally and internationally.
At The GENDERHOUSE Queer Arts Festival 2021 you can experience the following performances and exhibitions: The site specific “Queering the Walkscape” by Aris Papadopoulos (GR), The quirky “GRACES” by Silvia Gribaudi (IT), The playful “V.O.M.P” by Gunilla Lind (DK), The triple program “Boys Don’t Cry / We do this, we don’t talk / Hire me, Please” by Yotam Peled (IS), Barnaby Booth (UK) and Panos Malactos (CY), The absurdist theatre “Apres La Chronique” by (SIC) Nicolas Hermensen (ESP), The Reumert nominated “Champions & Mass Effect” by Himherandit Productions (DK), The funny “History of Sexuality” by Kassandra Production (DK), The immersive performance and world premiere of “My Undying love” by Himherandit Productions (DK), The intimate “Hungry for Human Contact / A Letter to my love” by Dagmara Bilon (UK), The powerful “Women in Power” by Noelia Mora Solvez (DK), The explorative “Talking GENDERS Exhibition” and “Which, Witch” performance event (DK).
Between the 24th September – 10th October we shine light on artistry that defies traditions, and queers the borders of what performance is. We platform work by LGBTQIA+ artists that challenge the hetero-normative or homogeneous to diversify the cultural landscape in Aarhus. Doing so aims to create space and visibility for queer narratives, queer artistic expressions, and queer voices.
You might laugh, cry, be provoked, challenged or intrigued by this year’s festival content; but no matter what you will be engaged. So what are you waiting for? Come out and play in this year’s edition of The GENDERHOUSE#2 Queer Arts Festival 2021.


Med et festivalpas er det muligt at få rabat på festivalens forestillinger. Et festivalpas koster 100 kroner. Festivalpasset giver adgang til at købe billet til forestillingerne til 70 kroner pr billet – dog 60 kroner for unge under 25 år.

Med et festivalpas er der også gratis entré til HQ i festivalperioden.

HUSK at medbringe festivalpas og billet til den pågældende forestilling.

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