Join Bora Bora’s members club KluBora!

A membership only costs 100 DKK and then you can buy your membership tickets for 60 kroner for a whole season (it runs from the start of the season in July and one year onwards). You will be notified of the upcoming events and any special events by e-mail, but you can of course keep yourself informed both on our website and on Facebook.

Buy your membership here

Please note: When you create your profile at and buy your membership, you will then get an e-mail the next following weekday from Bora Bora with your membership number. This number you use when you buy your membership tickets in the future.

It is also possible for you to buy membership tickets for your friends or family, if they also have a membership. Then you just need to use their membership number(s) as well as your own.

If you have questions please feel free to contact us at info (at) or phone 86 19 00 79.

Have fun with your membership!

Bora Bora