About the theater

About the theater

Bora Bora – Dance and Visual Theater presents dance and performing arts from Denmark and the rest of the world, organizes local, national and international festivals and is a production center for the local dance environment in Aarhus.

Bora Bora’s global outlook is a natural approach to a type of performing arts that is not limited by language barriers and which has interaction and exchange across cultures as one of its most distinctive features.

With a large number of partners in various networks in Europe, we try through exchanges to show the audience the latest and freshest that is being produced within visual performing arts. At the same time, we work with these partners to create the best possible working conditions and production opportunities for a large group of Danish and international artists – including through the Bora Bora Residency Centre.

We strive to create a unique exchange of thoughts, ideas and experiences between the Aarhus audience and European artists and between the artists themselves.

Festivals are an important part of Bora Bora’s profile and work. It is on these that artists from many countries and audiences meet and exchange views, experiences and sometimes initiate long-term collaborations. In 2017, Bora Bora was among other things the host of the major international dance festival Spring Forward.

Bora Bora has existed since 1 July 2011, when the organization behind the theater Entré Scenen took over the administration of the dance stage at Brobjergskolen. The dance stage was officially opened on February 17, 2012

Bora Bora
– has the status of ‘Lille Storbyteater’ in Aarhus City Municipality.
– has two stages with a capacity of 200 and 73 audiences respectively.
– receives support from the Danish Arts Foundation and Aarhus City Municipality.
– has received support from the Bikuben Foundation for the Bora Bora Residency Centre.
– is part of the networks European Dancehouse Network (EDN), Aerowaves and Keðja.


Short presentation (in English)


Tour of the house and more elaborate information (in English)


Bora Bora highlights fra de første 5 år


Spring Forward Festival 2017 highlights


Move Your Mind Festival 2020 highlights


HeadQuarters is an oasis in Aarhus, where good music, good times and a cozy atmosphere are paramount. Every week there’s a variety of concerts with primary focus on new original music. Thursday, Friday and Saturday HQ transforms into an authentic nightclub, where one easily gets pulled back to the original discotheques where everybody would dance all night long. It is based on the idea that music is not only what you want to hear, but also what you didn’t know you wanted to hear. As a nightclub HQ has its musical offset in soul, funk and disco, which you also quickly sense when you step into the room with its 60’s and 70’s vibe.

With its relaxed atmosphere, a variety of delicious drinks at reasonable prices, comfortable cozy corners and a friendly service, HQ provides the perfect setting for a good evening.

Since HeadQuarters and Bora Bora share entrance they have made a cooperation where the cozy setting and staff of HQ forms the foyer to all of Bora Bora’s performances and events. You can relax and enjoy the atmosphere before and after every show.

You can check out HeadQuarters’ program at www.hq.dk

Opening hours:
Monday: closed
Tuesday: see program
Wednesday: see program
Thursday: 19:00 – 03:00
Friday: 19:00 – 05:00
Saturday: 19:00 – 05:00
Sunday: closed

Doors open one hour before performances at Bora Bora (also on days where HQ would otherwise be closed)

Please note:
If you are a band wanting to play at HeadQuarters, you
have to use the booking form.
If you you have lost your jacket or another item at an event at HeadQuarters please fill out the “Glemte sager” form on their website.

Personal data policy

Read Bora Bora’s personal data policy here.