Jesper de Neergaard

Artistic Director

Jette Skjoldborg

Administrative Manager

Karsten Nisbeth

Technical Manager

Lars Kjær Dideriksen

PR Manager

Kasper Egelund

International Producer

Jeppe H. Nissen

Technical Producer

Sten Baadsgaard


Louise Kirkegaard


Or-Emilie Yonah


Other staff

Frede Søgaard

Box Office:
Astrid Andreassen
Caroline Bang Hedegaard
Gudrun Regitze Middelboe


Bente Steffensen (chairman)
Henrik Kaare Nielsen (deputy chairman)
Thomas Wernberg
Anne Majgaard Basse
Naja Kilden
Karina Dichov Lund
Lars Kjær Dideriksen (staff representative)

Artistic Council

Kitt Johnson, choreographer and artistic director of Kitt Johnson X-act, Copenhagen
Rasmus Ölme, educational manager, Dance & Choreography, The National Danish School of Performing Arts, Copenhagen
Sara Topsøe-Jensen, artistic director of Carte Blanche, Viborg
Daniel Andersson, artistic director of Dansehallerne, Copenhagen

The tasks of Bora Bora’s artistic council:
– To advise on artistic, structural and cultural policy currents in modern dance in Denmark and abroad. Based on a faceted and nuanced picture of the performing arts situation, Bora Bora can lay out strategy and act in relation to presenting performances to the audience in Aarhus.
– To discuss the development of Danish performing arts. It helps everyone and not just Bora Bora to see the modern dance in relation to the dramatic theater and other culture, and makes us clearer on the roles we each play and must play in Denmark.