Talk: What is art, and what is it worth? - presented in cooperation with FOF Aarhus

Adrian Hughes


Adrian Hughes looks at both controversial and popular art and asks: What is art and what can we use it for?

Apr 13 2021 - Apr 13 2021
Kr. 165 - Kr. 165
Big Stage


(Please note: This talk will be in Danish)

What is art, and what is it worth?

Experience Adrian Hughes’ infectious enthusiasm and overwhelming knowledge of art and culture.

Modern art is often accused of being introverted. Many people risk going to museums and having difficulty seeing the difference between art and what the cleaners have forgotten to take with them. How can it be?

Adrian Hughes gives great tips for understanding what art is and what we can use it for. He has a hard time imagining a life without. He has sought out art with curiosity and commitment throughout his adult life. Sometimes it has disappointed him, but as a rule he has left museums and galleries uplifted and refreshed with new perspectives on life.

This evening at Bora Bora, Adrian Hughes, with selected examples, presents his bid for artistic quality. He reviews the mysterious price mechanisms of art and explains how Leonardo da Vinci’s “Savior of the World” can be over 2.5 billion kroner worth to anyone.

You will become wiser on both controversial and more popular art. A thoughtful, entertaining evening filled with energy.

Presented in cooperation with FOF Aarhus.

Photo of Adrian Hughes by Lars Gundersen.