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Hammering//Shy Grandeur
Double bill
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The double bill from the Danish National School of Performing Arts presents new works by two young choreographers; Manon Siv Duquesnay’s “Hammering”, where three dancers, equipped with wood, saw and hammer, embark on a joint process of building. And Max Wallmeier’s contemplative “Shy Grandeur”, where two dancers move within a gently changing landscape. Like waves appearing and disappearing.

Nov 11 2021 - Nov 12 2021
Kr. 60 - Kr. 60
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Double bill - The Danish National School of Performing Arts

The double bill from the Danish National School of Performing Arts presents works from two young choreographers; “Hammering” by Manon Siv Duquesnay and “Shy Grandeur” by
Max Wallmeier.


In ‘Hammering’ you enter a process of building, where three dancers are working with wood, sawing and hammering. They shift between the parts and the whole, paying attention to detail and supporting the common project. A bigger structure appears through the means of movement. Building becomes the poetic for this something we do better together. The emerging structure as the symbol of something existing or belonging to a common imagination.

In the creation process building notions such as lines and geometry, have been applied to inform the dancing body. The craft of the dancer has likewise been feeding the process of building by the way it relates to weight, folding and unfolding of articulations and the awareness of space and its interconnectedness with lines and geometry. Building is used as a place of (re)discovering the dancing body and its capacities applied in another context.

Within the references or imaginarium of this work, a local folk dance from Asturias, where the beginning process took place, is equally being referenced as the soft celebration of the ending working day.

About the choreographer

Manon is a French-Danish dancer, choreographer and curator, has a BA in Dance and Performance from Uniarts (SE) and Institut del Teatre (ES) and is currently studying – a master degree in Choreography at DDSKS (DK).

Manon’s choreographic work is based on the presence of a curious child and the observation of a fascinating and sometimes incomprehensible world. Her works invite us to open our eyes – what is not immediately given, as well as to feel and ‘feel’ topics that are often not talked about.

Manon has appeared in performances by Sara Shelton Mann (US), Elena Córdoba (ES), Jefta Van Dinther (NL / SE), Diego Agulló (ES / DE) etc. Her own works, as well as with the company DuqLav Dance have been shown on several venues and festivals internationally i.a. Conde Duque (ES), Copenhagen Contemporary (DK) and Dansehallerne (DK). With the performative platform Project V, she has performed and created events in places such as Xenon (DK), Espacio Expectante (MX) and Warehouse 9 (DK).

Read more about Manon:

CREDITS - Hammering

Manon Siv Duquesnay

Created with
Bianca Shakti Berger

Teresa Fogh Schou

Ignacio Córdoba

Performed by
Bianca Shakti Berger

Magalí Perich Camps

Alvilda Aja Faber Striim

Jeppe Jessen Lawaetz

Thanks to
School staff at DDSKS, builders & neighbours in Asturias 

Shy Grandeur

Ongoing like waves appearing and disappearing, two dancers move within a gently changing landscape. The work is inspired by trips to the shore, where the constant, ever-changing motion of the sea invites for contemplation and daydreaming.

This work was made in the frame of Max Wallmeier’s studies in the master program in choreography at the Danish National School of Performing Arts. Dancer Antonia Harke was invited into the process and the piece premiered in November 2020.

With the memory of the trips to the shore – and a couple of movement exercises as a starting point – Max and Antonia developed a series of movement sequences. They returned to these sequences over and over again and let their inner logics unfold as possibilities for composing the piece.

The starting point for the piece is Wallmeier’s interest in slowness and repetition as ways to highlight details and enter calm, contemplative states through dancing. The choreography aims to create an openness for the viewer to perceive multiple understandings and imaginations.

About the choreographer

Max Wallmeier is a dancer and choreographer educated in Germany and Sweden and now based in Copenhagen. With slowness and repetition he addresses the question of how to ask for a spectator’s attention. 

CREDITS - Shy Grandeur

Choreography and Performance:
Max Wallmeier

By and with:
Antonia Harke

Olli Lautiola

Max Wallmeier

Costumes and make-up:
Antonia Harke

Jeppe Jessen Lawaetz

Thanks to: The staff at DDSKS