Magnus Plejdrup / Rasmus Botoft / Morten K. Roesen / NJYD Quartet (DK)

live music


Run! Otherwise, everything stands still. As the pointer on the clock we must move. Only in the hereafter awaits the infinite standstill. A concert performance for four musicians and an actor. A co-production with Aarhus Unge Tonekunstnere.

Feb 27 2021 - Feb 28 2021
Kr. 60 - Kr. 170
Big Stage


Movement is a freedom that represents the ultimate in human evolution. An incredible ability which allows us to pursue what we love and to see and explore the world as a whole.

But in the hereafter movement is not a given. In the world of the afterlife, everything stands still; motion exists solely as unfulfilled potential. An eternal standstill before a storm, which no one knows when it will take place.

“Løb” (Run) is a performance in field between music and theater, where the music becomes performative and where the theater becomes polyphonic; where the four vastly different instruments guitar, percussion, flute and saxophone meet a fifth, namely the actor himself.

The performance is developed between composer Magnus Plejdrup, the musicians from the NJYD Quartet, actor Rasmus Botoft and director Morten K. Roesen. The project is based on how the semantics of the Danish language can be expressed in the form of sound and performance, and how these two art forms together can contribute to a larger form of expression.