Anne-Mareike Hess (LUX/DE)

Through The Wire
dance on the phone
solo experience

An intimate performance for one audience member by telephone. You will be called up by the choreographer and together your voices will meet on the ather. What movements and spaces can you create together in your minds?

May 31 2021 - Jun 4 2021
Kr. 60 - Kr. 170
60 min.


“Through The Wire” is the intimate meeting between choreographer Anne-Mareike Hess and one audience member in a one-to-one phone call.
Your voices meet in the ether. Time and space are suspended, and you will slowly enter a fantastic world of dance, only through the power of your minds and intertwining words: What kind of dances, movements, bodies and spaces can we create together in of your minds?

During 2020 and into 2021 we all painfully have had to learn what it means to live in physical distance to each other. Born out of the need to re-create the experience of the liveness of the performance, “Through the wire” offers a mutual listening and a new way of experiencing dance and movement.

About the experience
The session will begin with the question “How does your body feel?”. From there you and Anne-Mareike Hess will slowly begin to use the words that circle the body and form images and sensations of it. Gradually Anne-Mareike will lead the conversation towards creating a joint dance piece. Taking the spectator into a fantastic realm in which we will imagine the bodies, its sensations, movements and relationships, the sounds, the colors, perspectives and so forth.
It will be created in a dialogue and by tuning in together, while ignoring all the limitations of reality. It is about opening the mind and about dreaming together, practicing thinking outside the box. About expanding our imagination and our understanding of what dance could be and what bodies could look like. How they interact and what abilities they might have. It is about tapping into our desires. what kind of bodies and movements, colors and sounds do we want to experience?

Regarding tickets
Only 1 ticket per performance.

Practical matters
– You will arrive at Bora Bora and be guided to a comfortable room which you will have all for yourself (Should COVID-19 restrictions make this impossible at the time it is also possible experience it from home. You will receive instructions before-hand about how to create the right setting yourself for the experience).
– Anne-Mareike Hess will be calling you from her home.
– The session will take about 60 minutes. It will start with a little 5 minute introduction at the theater when you arrive, followed by the main conversation for around 45 minutes and after that about 5 minutes to digest the experience with a refreshment.
– Possible languages are English, German, Luxembourgish and French.
– The conversation will be conducted via a local phone, but without any video transmission. You and Anne-Mareike will not see each other.

Anne Mareike Hess (LUX/DE)

Anne-Mareike Hess is based in Luxembourg and Berlin and works as a choreographer and performer in the field of contemporary dance.

Anne-Mareike’s works have been shown at numerous venues and festivals throughout Europe. This includes: “I believe that we are having a dialogue”, “Tanzwut” and “Synchronization in process”. In 2017 Anne-Mareike was commissioned by the Théâtre d’Esch and the Grand Théâtre de la Ville de Luxembourg to create “Give me a reason to feel”.

Her first evening-long solo “Warrior” premiered at the end of 2018 and has been selected by AEROWAVES to be among the twenty “Twenty20” priority performances.

Anne-Mareike works in close collaboration with TROIS C-L in Luxembourg and Skogen in Gothenburg; and since 2016 she has been an associate artist at Weld in Stockholm. Between 2017-2019 Anne-Mareike was supported by the Grand Luxe network; and since 2020 she is an associate artist at Neimënster in Luxembourg. Previously, she was awarded with the emerging artists prize “Stiftung zur Förderung junger Talente” (2012) and the “Danzpraïs” (2015) from the Ministry of Culture in Luxembourg.


Concept & performance:
Anne-Mareike Hess
Dramaturgical advice:
Thomas Schaupp
Scenographical advice:
Mélanie Planchard
Conversation advice:
Yoav Shavit
Produced by:
Utopic Productions
Creation Support:
Neimënster Luxembourg
Contracted by
Ministère de Culture Luxembourg
Utopic productions benefits from a structural support by Ministry of Culture Luxembourg